Top 5 Low Cap Solana-Based Crypto Coins Worth Watching in 2024

Solana, the high-speed blockchain known for its blazing-fast transaction speeds and low fees, has become a breeding ground for innovative projects. While established Solana tokens like Raydium (RAY) and Serum (SRM) have grabbed the limelight, several low-cap gems are waiting to be discovered.

Investing in low-cap cryptocurrencies can be incredibly rewarding, with the potential for exponential growth. However, it’s crucial to do your own research and understand the inherent risks involved. This article explores five promising low-cap Solana-based crypto coins to keep an eye on in 2024.


1. Oxygen (OXY)

Oxygen is a decentralized derivatives exchange built on Solana, aiming to revolutionize the derivatives trading landscape. Its key features include:

Cross-margin trading: Users can leverage a single margin pool for all their positions across various asset classes.
Perpetual contracts: Trade on contracts that never expire, offering greater flexibility and leverage compared to traditional futures contracts.
Zero gas fees: Oxygen leverages Solana’s fast and cheap transactions, eliminating the high gas fees associated with traditional DeFi platforms.
Community-driven governance: OXY token holders govern the protocol through a Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO), ensuring transparency and community involvement.
Oxygen recently completed a successful funding round, raising $18 million from prominent investors like Jump Crypto and Alameda Research. With its innovative features and strong backing, Oxygen is poised to disrupt the derivatives market and potentially see significant growth in 2024.

2. Crema Finance (CREMA)

Crema Finance is a permissionless lending protocol on Solana that allows users to borrow and lend various crypto assets. It stands out from the competition with its unique features:

Isolated margin pools: Users can create individual margin pools for specific assets, reducing the risk of cascading liquidations.
Flash loans: Borrow funds instantly without collateral for arbitrage opportunities or other DeFi strategies.
Yield farming: Earn passive income by depositing your crypto assets into Crema’s lending pools.
Governance participation: CREMA token holders govern the protocol through proposals and voting, shaping its future direction.
Crema Finance boasts a user-friendly interface and competitive interest rates, attracting users seeking flexible and efficient lending solutions. The recent integration with major DeFi platforms like Raydium and Jupiter further expands its reach and potential user base.

3. (MAPS) is a popular offline navigation app with over 60 million users globally. It has launched its own token, MAPS, to unlock various features and functionalities within the app:

Decentralized data storage: Users can contribute and store map data on the blockchain, ensuring transparency and immutability.
In-app payments: Pay for premium features and services within the app using MAPS tokens.
Community rewards: Active users who contribute data and participate in governance earn MAPS tokens as rewards.
DAO governance: MAPS token holders govern the platform’s future development and feature upgrades.’s existing user base and its innovative approach to integrating blockchain technology position it for potential mainstream adoption. The growing popularity of offline navigation apps and the increasing demand for decentralized solutions make MAPS a compelling investment opportunity.

4. Solrise Finance (SLRS)

Solrise Finance is a multi-chain yield optimizer on Solana and Avalanche, helping users maximize their DeFi earnings. Its key features include:

Automated yield farming: Optimize your crypto holdings across various DeFi protocols to earn the highest possible returns.
Dynamic rebalancing: Solrise automatically rebalances your portfolio to capture the best yield opportunities.
Risk management tools: Set stop-loss orders and other risk management strategies to protect your investments.
Governance participation: SLRS token holders vote on protocol decisions and shape the platform’s future.
Solrise Finance simplifies DeFi and caters to users of all experience levels. Its cross-chain compatibility and focus on risk management make it a valuable tool for DeFi yield seekers.

5. Friktion (FKT)

Friktion is a decentralized exchange (DEX) aggregator on Solana that searches for the best token swap rates across various DEXs. Its unique features include:

Meta DEX: Friktion combines multiple DEXs into a single interface, offering users a unified trading experience.
Smart routing: The platform automatically finds the most efficient route to execute your trades, ensuring you get the



Important Notice: The information presented in this article is for informational purposes only and should not be construed as financial advice. Investing in low-cap cryptocurrencies involves significant risks, including the potential for complete loss of capital. Do your own research, carefully consider your financial situation, and consult with a qualified financial advisor before making any investment decisions.

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