Solana’s Transaction Volumes Surge 700%: A Dive into the Meme Coin Craze

This sudden spike in activity can be largely attributed to the explosive popularity of Solana-based meme coins, such as BONK and MYRO. These playful tokens, often inspired by popular internet culture and fueled by community hype, have captured the imagination of investors and traders alike. BONK, in particular, has emerged as a frontrunner in this … Read more

Top 5 Low Cap Solana-Based Crypto Coins Worth Watching in 2024


Solana, the high-speed blockchain known for its blazing-fast transaction speeds and low fees, has become a breeding ground for innovative projects. While established Solana tokens like Raydium (RAY) and Serum (SRM) have grabbed the limelight, several low-cap gems are waiting to be discovered. Investing in low-cap cryptocurrencies can be incredibly rewarding, with the potential for … Read more