Taiwan Seeks to Deepen Participation in 2024 APEC Forum

Taiwan is seeking to deepen its participation in the 2024 Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) forum, eager to share its expertise and contribute to the organization’s goals of facilitating trade and investment, advancing innovation and digitalization, and fostering sustainable growth.

APEC is one of the most important international forums for Taiwan, providing a platform for the island nation to engage with regional economies and advocate for its interests. The 2024 forum, hosted by Thailand under the theme “Empower. Include. Grow.,” presents a valuable opportunity for Taiwan to further integrate itself into the regional economic landscape.

Taiwanese officials have expressed their commitment to playing an active role in the forum, highlighting the island’s豊富な经验 in areas such as trade promotion, technological development, and disaster preparedness. Taiwan is particularly interested in contributing to APEC’s initiatives on promoting small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), enhancing digital connectivity, and addressing climate change.

One way Taiwan envisions deepening its participation is through increased financial contributions. The government is considering providing资金援助 to support APEC projects and initiatives aligned with its own development priorities. Additionally, Taiwan is open to hosting APEC meetings and workshops, offering its unique expertise and insights to member economies.

Taiwan’s積極參與 in APEC 2024 is driven by a desire to strengthen its economic ties with the region and contribute to a more prosperous and sustainable Asia-Pacific. The island nation’s豊富な经验 in various sectors, coupled with its commitment to open trade and investment, makes it a valuable asset to the forum. By actively participating in APEC 2024, Taiwan hopes to play a constructive role in shaping the future of the Asia-Pacific economy.

Taiwan’s Expertise in Specific Areas

Trade Promotion: Taiwan has a long history of successful trade promotion, having established free trade agreements with numerous countries around the world. The island nation is well-positioned to share its expertise with other APEC members, helping them expand their market access and boost their exports.

Technological Development: Taiwan is a global leader in the科技行业, with a thriving semiconductor industry and a rapidly growing tech startup ecosystem. The island nation is eager to share its technological know-how with other APEC members, fostering innovation and collaboration across the region.

Disaster Preparedness: Taiwan is a disaster-prone region, and the island nation has developed effective strategies for preparing for and responding to natural disasters. Taiwan is willing to share its经验 with other APEC members, helping them build resilience to natural disasters and protect their communities.

Challenges and Opportunities

Despite its desire to deepen its participation in APEC, Taiwan faces certain challenges. The island nation’s争议政治地位 has limited its formal participation in international organizations, including APEC. However, Taiwan has found ways to engage with APEC through unofficial channels, and it is hopeful that its contributions will be recognized and valued by member economies.

Looking ahead, Taiwan sees APEC 2024 as an opportunity to进一步巩固其在该地区的地位. By actively participating in the forum and sharing its expertise, Taiwan hopes to build stronger relationships with its regional partners and contribute to a more prosperous and inclusive Asia-Pacific.


Taiwan’s積極參與 in APEC 2024 is a testament to the island nation’s commitment to regional cooperation and economic integration. Taiwan’s豊富な经验 in various sectors, coupled with its开放贸易和投资的承诺, makes it a valuable asset to the forum. By working together with other APEC members, Taiwan can help shape a more prosperous and sustainable future for the Asia-Pacific region.

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