Bitcoin News – Over 12M stolen accounts from 11 bitcoin forums offered for sale on dark web

A dark web vendor going by the name “DoubleFlag” has listed databases of eleven bitcoin forums for sale on a dark web marketplace, Hackread reported.

According to the report, the databases were stolen between 2011 to 2017 and includes:

536,727 accounts from, hacked in January 2017
514,409 accounts from forum, hacked in May 2015
568,357 accounts from, hacked in October 2014
21,439 accounts from, hacked in January 2014
3,153 accounts from, breached in September 2014
1,780 accounts from, stolen back in March 2014
28,298 accounts from, stolen in January 2014
61,011 accounts from, stolen in June 2011
34,513 accounts from (breach date unknown)
10,855,376 accounts from BitcoinSec from 2014 breach
3,149 accounts from (breach date unknown)
The total number of data stolen from these forums is over 12,000,000 and is being offered for sale for $400. The database includes details such as username, email address, personal text number, gender, date of birth, website title and URL, location and password. Hackread pointed out that while some passwords have been decrypted, some are using SHA1 hash which is easy to decrypt.

Recently, Hackread also reported that another dark web vendor “SunTzu583”, who listed millions of decrypted Gmail, Yahoo and PlayStation Network accounts, is now offering more of Gmail and Yahoo accounts with decrypted passwords. These include accounts that have been stolen from previous data breaches of Bitcoin Security Forum, LinkedIn, Dropbox, MySpace and others.