Bitcoin News – mBit Casino: Player Wins Bitcoin worth $11.9k on Dragon King Slot

This Christmas, mBit Casino literally became Santa Claus for one of its players.

The renowned online casino, which still holds the record on largest Bitcoin payout of 260 BTC, confirmed that one of its players — using the alias of BUBBZ2 — won 26.162 BTC with an extremely low deposit of 181 mBTC. As per the available information, the winner got lucky on mBit’s Dragon King slot.

Sources further confirmed that mBit Casino executed the payout almost instantly upon the player’s winning bet, in times when a lot has been written and commented on the sluggish speed of withdrawals and payouts at online casinos. As the representative Linda Murphy further stated, executing payouts speedily has and will always be one of the primary advantages of players playing at mBit Casino..

“We crown winners like BUBBZ2 almost every day now, but the deposit size relative to the payout stood out, and that, right around Christmas!” – she added, while also acknowledging how such practices could benefit the Bitcoin casino community on the whole, for it portrays the virtual currency as a better alternative to other traditional deposit methods.

The said case proves mBit Casino has no hidden withdrawal policies and ensures best and the most transparent online gaming services to all. And even if — in rare cases — players face some occasional glitches, the casino has appointed the best, “most-available” support team to resolve them.

“We know that you earned your Bitcoins fairly, and we are not going to make you jump through hoops to receive your payouts,” Linda added. “We look forward to seeing players at mBit Casino, whether it is on the virtual felt, with live dealers, or at one of our many slot machines.”

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