Bitcoin News – First Block Not Based On Bitcoin Original Code is Mined

Every Bitcoin enthusiast knows by now that it was the first cryptocurrency to be released back in 2009. However the coding process started in 2008 and some updates were made in 2009 before Bitcoin was released. Ever since 2009, miners have been using this original codebase to create blocks on the network. On Monday — Mar. 13 — the Bitcoin Network experienced a historic event. The first block from an alternative client not written in Satoshi’s original code was mined on the mainnet. Block 457010 became the first ever block mined by a client not written in Satoshi’s c++ code. Recently,, a mining pool, was able to mine the first block written in an entirely different codebase. Bcoin is the alternative implementation of the Bitcoin protocol and it was built by a developer named Christopher Jeffrey, who is also the CTO at Purse. Bcoin’s development phase has taken almost two years and this past February, its 1.0.0 version was released. Bcoin has been tested on the Bitcoin testnet and is currently being used in production within the backend and wallet system at Purse. However, miners at GitHub have highlighted that this is the first time a mined Bcoin block was battle-tested on Bitcoin’s mainnet. Bcoin’s codebase is written in Javascript (node.js.) and claims to be an advanced full node implementation. Node.js. offers full blockchain validation, a wallet infrastructure, runs well in browsers and apps and is also Bitcoin compatible. It also provides support to many BIP proposals and allows developers to experiment with a multitude of applications. Most of the programmers out there believe different implementations can help decentralization and also uncover some errors in the dominant client. Ethereum developer Vitalik Buterin, back in 2013, said that multiple implementations are good for standardization and that if only one implementation was available, errors would get uncovered later rather than sooner. After this historic event on the Bitcoin network, Bcoin’s developer Christopher Jeffrey stated that he was excited to see it get some battle testing. Commenting on this new development, Purse founder Andrew Lee said that he was proud of Christopher and what Purse had achieved. He continued to say that this was a significant milestone towards decentralized protocol development. He also expressed hope that Purse could come to a resolution that doesn’t involve a chain split. Bcoin had tweeted earlier from their Twitter Handle @bcoinio “Just wait and see what else Bcoin can do. This is going to be a great year for #Bitcoin.” These are bold words to say but after reaching this historic milestone, they are warranted to say them. Moreover, Bcoin supports other integrations such as segregated witness, MAST, lightening network among others. Christopher Jeffrey said they decided to open source the platform to accommodate the next generation of apps. Christopher Jeffrey has a very impressive C.V., especially when it comes to matters related to Cryptocurrency and blockchain. As I stated earlier he is Purse’s CTO and in addition to that, he was a former employee at BitPay. So if you are interested in hearing him give a speech, catch him at Bitcoin For Your Thoughts in San Francisco on March 24th.

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